Top 4 Best Gelato Shops in Florence

Updated July 22, 2022 1 min read

In Florence, there are many gelato shops, all claiming to be artisanal, but the difference is huge from one to the other.

We bring you the 4 best gelato shops in Florence.


Gelateria La Carraia

Good and cheap gelato, €2.5 for a small cone with 2 scoops. If you want a good sugar rush after taking a Free Tour in Florence, their Nutella one is amazing.

Carraia's gelato
Strawberry and pistachio gelato.

Gelateria dei Neri

For many, this place has the best ice cream in Florence. The fame is well-deserved as they are spectacular. If you want to try something a bit different, go for the salted caramel.

Gelato from Gelateria dei Neri
Yogurt and lemon gelato.

La Strega Nocciola

It's a chain of gelato shops with 4 locations in Florence. The best part is they have quite unique flavors compared to other gelaterias. The Azteca, for example, includes white chocolate and cinnamon, and it's addictive.

gelato from La Strega Nocciola
Walnut gelato with white chocolate.

My Sugar (My favorite)

I know what you're thinking. The name sounds like anything but artisanal gelato. But it's 100% artisanal and they have plenty of flavors. Some are a bit strange, but all the ones I've tried, delicious.

gelato from My Sugar
Yogurt with nuts.

Interactive map with the best gelato shops in Florence

Here you have the best gelaterias in Florence located on the map, so you can see which one is closest to you.

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